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Rice University Affiliates Day 2014 was another successful event, with over 170 attendees and dozens of different demos and presentations. Thank you to all our corporate sponsors and partners for attending.

Awards were given in three prize categories: Graduate Demos, Graduate Posters, and Undergraduate Projects. 

The winners of the day are as follows:

Graduate Demo/Poster: 

First Place: A Platform for At-Scale Wideband UFH MU-MIMO Systems

Second Place: GPU/FPGA Acceleration of Wireless Basestation Algorithms for LTE Systems

Third Place: Development and Demonstration of Multidimensional Compressive Imaging

Graduate Poster:  

First Place: Improving SNR of Photoplethysmography Signal Aquired Using A Camera

Second Place: Estimating Effective Connectivity in the Brain using Directed Information

Third Place: Towards Motion Aware Light Field Video

Undergraduate Projects: 

First Place: Hospital in a Toilet

Second Place: Team ARCANE: A Navigational Aide for the Visually Impaired (Also Best ECE Senior Design Project)

Third Place: BiliQuant: A Device for the Clinical Quantification of Bilirubin in Low-Resource Settings

Second and Third Place Undergraduate Certificates can be picked up from me, Jennifer Hunter, in Abercrombie 203.

Best PhD Presenter Award: Evan Everett 

All talks have been archived, and can be viewed here.

Posters and presentations will be archived in the coming weeks.

To view photos of the day, click here. Congratulations to all participants on a job well done!

 -Jennifer Hunter