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Research Staff

Last Name First Name Faculty Member Office Email  Phone
Avants Ben Robinson GRB 115E bwa1  
Dong Lei Tittel Abercrombie A237 ld3 4833
Golbabaee Mohammad Baraniuk   mg49  
Gupta Yatee Tittel Space Science 104 yg34  
Lal Surbhi Halas Brockman 284A slal 3587
Li Chunguang Tittel   lcg0213  
Moravec Matthew Baraniuk   moravec  
Neumann Oara Halas Brockman oara.neumann  
Patel Ankit Baraniuk Duncan 2050 ankit.b.patel  
Patel Gaurav Sabharwal Duncan 2017A gppatel 5932
Quadri Sadia Knightly Duncan 2048 sq4 6268
Sampaolo Angelo Tittel Space Science 117 as117  
Starecki Tomasz Tittel Space Science 104 ts37 4381
Xia Hua Babakhani   hx8