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 Study Abroad Opportunities 


As an engineer, you will be called to solve problems and find solutions on a global scale; study abroad is the ideal opportunity for you to gain the skills necessary to function in this global context. Studying abroad shapes who you will become during your Rice career and beyond!

"In today’s global economy, the chance to learn how to foster friendships abroad and to appreciate other cultures may be crucial in your future career." 

- Abeer, ECE

Meet with your major advisor(s) to discuss the possibility of studying abroad, and how it will integrate with your department’s curriculum and course sequence.

"We forged deep connections with the Malawian students we worked with. From them, we learned a different style of engineering and about opportunities presented in their country; we also got to enjoy Malawian culture, language and customs with them. They motivated us with their stories, their brilliance, and their kindness, leaving an impression that will stay with us throughout the rest of our undergraduate educations and into our future careers." 

- Sarah, ECE 

Download a Study Abroad Flyer here.

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Other opportunities:

Summer at EPFL

DAAD RISE Program, Germany