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Rice ECE Faculty and Student Research Honored

April 11, 2017

2017.HollowayThe Rice Engineering Alumni and School of Engineering end-of-year picnic is an annual tradition, a celebration of the many accomplishments of Rice students, faculty and staff over the past year. In addition to food and fellowship, over $150,000 in awards and scholarships are presented.

At this year’s picnic, to be held April 22, a number of ECE faculty and students will be recognized for their hard work and achievements in research. Congratulations to the following members of Electrical and Computer Engineering on their many achievements!

The Ralph Budd Ph.D. Thesis Award
The Ralph Budd Ph.D. Thesis Award will be presented to Jason Holloway, Ph.D. ’17, for his defense, “Synthetic Apertures for Visible Imaging Using Fourier Ptychography”. His thesis addressed and resolved two principle barriers to implementing Fourier ptychography. His primary research interest is to improve spatial resolution in long-range images.

The award, made possible through a gift from Mr. Ralph Budd, a former President of the Burlington Lines, is given annually to the graduate student judged to have the best doctoral thesis in the School of Engineering. This award was established in June 1935 and is one of the oldest and most prestigious awards for graduate students.
Dr. Holloway is currently a Post-Doctoral Fellow at Columbia University. In 2015 he won the ECE Best Ph.D. Presenter Award, which was sponsored by Schlumberger, and presented at ECE Corporate Affiliates Day. He is also a recipient of a 2016 ECE Distinguished Student Service Award.

The Hershel M. Rich Invention Award
The Hershel M. Rich Invention award is awarded to two Rice individuals/groups who have created or developed an original invention. This year, both recipients are from Electrical and Computer Engineering.

aghazadeh.2017AmirAli Aghazadeh, Richard Baraniuk, Allen Chen, Rebekah Drezek, Adam Yu Lin, and Mona Sheikh are receiving the award for their work, “Universal Microbial Diagnostics”. They invented a new technology that could potentially identify hundreds of bacterial pathogens simply, quickly and ad low-cost using a single set of random DNA probes. Read more about their work here. Amirali is a 2017 winner of ECE’s Best Ph.D. Presenter Award, which was sponsored by Schlumberger, and presented his work at ECE Corporate Affiliates Day 2017. 

Mayank Kumar, Ashok Veeraraghavan, and Ashutosh Sabharwal are receiving the award forkumar.m.2017 their work on “CameraVitals: Non-contact Clinical-grade Vital Signs Using Cameras”. Inspired by medical devices being placed on the sensitive skin of premature babies, the team developed the highly-accurate, touch-free CameraVitals system as a replacement for traditional contact-based vital sign monitors. Read more about their work here. Mayank is the winner of the 2017 Best Graduate Poster Award, presented at ECE Corporate Affiliates Day and also sponsored by Rice Engineering Alumni.

This award, which was established by Mr. Hershel M. Rich, is presented annually to Rice faculty or students who have developed or invented an original invention.

Congratulations to all of the award recipients!

Jennifer Hunter, Rice ECE Visibility Specialist