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Four ECE students inducted to Phi Beta Kappa

May 2017

Congratulations to ECE students Yamin Arefeen, Brian Brenner, Shuqing Chen and Yuqiang Heng on being elected to the 2017 class of Phi Beta Kappa at Rice University! Founded in 1776, Phi Beta Kappa has celebrated excellence in the liberal arts and sciences and championed freedom of thought. As America’s oldest and most prestigious academic honor society, they advocate for the value and benefit of liberal arts and sciences education. Phi Beta Kappa's goal is to further ongoing learning in the letters, arts and sciences. New members are initiated in recognition of extraordinary academic achievement in the liberal arts and sciences. 


While other honoraria societies recognize academic excellence in pre-professional fields such as engineering or architecture, the purpose of Phi Beta Kappa is to honor outstanding achievement in the liberal arts and sciences, in courses that reflect a breadth of intellectual interest and a love of learning for its own sake. For purposes of determining eligibility, therefore, PBK does not count any courses that are intended primarily to develop specific skills or vocational techniques in such applied or professional fields as business administration, education, architecture, the armed forces, engineering, computer science, physical education, or the applied arts and music. 

The Rice University chapter of Phi Beta Kappa, Beta of Texas, was founded in 1929. 

-Jennifer Hunter