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What is Electrical and Computer Engineering? 


What is Electrical and Computer Engineering? 

Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) is the creation, innovation and design of technologies in robotics, computing, communications, electronics or automation. ECE is at the crossroads of hardware and software – the integration of these tools to create better, faster, safer technologies for things like cars, aircraft, computers, smartphones, or surgical robots. 

What is Rice ECE? 

Rice ECE is: Rewiring the Brain. Lensless Cameras. Faculty RockStars (Really). Solar-Powered Steam. Invisibility Cloaks. Curing Epilepsy. Fighting Parkinson. Modifying Memory to treat PTSD. Reading and Writing Brain Activity. Oil Reservoir Exploration. Curing Cancer. Wireless to the Underserved. Breaking World Records. The Internet of Things. National Security

Who are Electrical and Computer Engineers? 

Electrical and Computer Engineers are a diverse, smart, creative group of problem-solvers who innovate, create, and design technology that improves the world.  Smartphones, GPS, cars, and even things like healthcare and national security would not exist as they do today without electrical and computer engineers. ECEs are at the heart of the intersection of innovation and technology. They make cool technologies to change the world.

ECE majors go on to work in almost every industry imaginable, including: 

Oil & Gas
Renewable Energy          
Space Industry          

In addition, the starting salary for ECE majors is one of the highest there is – around $70,000. And the median lifetime earnings for CE’s or EE’s hovers right around $2,000,000.  

Want to know more about what Rice students design?  

Check out these student projects: 

Jedi Putter
White Mirror

Digital Gym
Digital Cure for Epilepsy
Infant SOS 

Want to try out Electrical and Computer Engineering?   

Visit the EtherNest, a creative, student-run hackerspace, and attend one of their workshops. Introduction to Electronics, Wearable Electronics, Building a 3D Printer, or even an Electric Guitar Workshop – there is something for everyone. 

Want to learn more about what ECE graduates do? 

The Rice IEEE Student Chapter hosts weekly Friday lunches, with guests from Industry (typically Rice graduates). All Rice students are welcome. Past guests have represented companies and startups like: Chevron, National Instruments, Microsoft, Rebellion Photonics, Schlumberger, Epic, Dupont, Atlas Wearables, HP, Micron, ViaSat, Dell, Synopsys, and Meshify. 

What resources are available for women in ECE? 

Women ExCEL is a network of women in ECE that aims to provide community, mentoring, and cultural enrichment for students. This network serves to promote career opportunities and cultivate women in leadership. Click here for more information on ExCEL and when their events are!  

The Society of Women Engineers encourages women to pursue and achieve their full potential in science and engineering related fields. Click here to learn more about them and when their meetings are!   

Are there opportunities for study abroad? 

Yes! ECE students can, and do, study abroad.  As an engineer, you will be called to solve problems and find solutions on a global scale; study abroad is the ideal opportunity for you to gain the skills necessary to function in this global context. For more information on Study Abroad, click here