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About ECE

The Electrical and Computer Engineering Department provides high quality undergraduate and graduate degree programs, which emphasize fundamental principles that respond to and create technological change. The programs are designed to challenge the exceptional ability of Rice students, ensuring that the department's graduates are prepared for leadership roles. The faculty's research efforts involve undergraduates as well as graduate students and concentrate on developing fundamental understanding of scientific, mathematical, and engineering principles. Faculty members develop their results into algorithms, analysis techniques, and prototypes that extend technology's frontier.


With our broad range of research, we are making a deep impact throughout academia, as well as in corporations and communities throughout the world. Rice is known worldwide for developing new cancer therapy, devising incredible next-generation tools to rapidly identify proteins and viruses, and designing architecture for wireless networks and embedded systems architectures. As we continue to build on two decades of work in DSP algorithms, wireless communications, networking, and image processing, the future is extremely exciting. Many more accomplishments are on the horizon for emerging areas such as biomedicine, neural engineering and nanotechnology.

With dynamic faculty and leaders dedicated to giving its students the best engineering education possible, Rice has gained a national reputation for its academic programs and research activities. We offer a wealth of opportunities for our faculty and students to contribute to a broad spectrum of research. Our faculty members make every effort to ensure that the students become leaders and pioneers.

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