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HKN (logo)Eta Kappa Nu

Eta Kappa Nu (HKN) is an electrical and computer engineering honors society for students, alumni, and other engineering professionals. Recognizing excellence in electrical and computer engineering since 1904, it has recently become a part of the larger IEEE organization. The Theta Rho chapter of HKN at Rice University inducts new members each year.

HKN-Theta Rho Chapter Inductees
2015-2016: Yamin Arefeen, Brian Brenner, Shuqing Chen, Chris Harshaw, Ethan Heng, Sarah Hooper, Jiaqi Liu, Tingkai Liu, Abhipray Sahoo, Cody Tapscott, Stephen Xia, Yiqiu Wang, Tianyi Yao and Sihan Zeng.
2014-2015: James J. Allred, Ernest Kwan Lok Chan, Yuan Gao, Minyang Ma, Leo Meister, Nav Ravindranath, Tam Vu, Zichao Wang, Zongjun Zheng
2013-2014: Abeer Javed, Andrew Tam, Blaine Rister, Joshua Chartier,  Lam Yuk Wong, Li Xiong, Xuyang Lu, Jeremy Hunt, Omar Turk, Qijia Jiang, Sean Thomas Peters, Xuaner Zhang, Xuejiao Liang, Spencer Kent, Adam Bloom, Boying Meng
2012-13: Zhiting Cai, Steven Crowe, Hasitha Dharmasiri, Thomas Ladd, Minh Nguyen, Eric Palmgren, John Slack, Joseph Vento, Lam Yuck Wong, Li Xiong, Shaojie Xu, Shengrong Wu, Hejia Zhang
2011-12: Patrick Breen, Jiwon Choe, Lisa Anne Hendricks, Di Meng, Christopher Metzler, Kiran Pathakota, Tapash Sarkar, Adam Samaniego, Jeonggoo Song, Shaoyi Su, Xiran Wang
2010-11: Anthony Austin, Kevin Beale, Elaine Chung, Ashley Herron, Peter Hokanson,  Seoyeon Hong,  Michelle Jin, Matthew Johnson, Stephen Jong, Mitchell Koch, Richard Latimer, Wenliang Li,  Haiying Lu, Asher McGuffin, Yuqiang Mu, Abhijit Navlekar, Norman Pai, Sam Soundar, Kevin Ting, Jason Xu,  Yilong Yao, Qian Zhang
2009-10: Shamoor Anis, Bailey Basile, Jeffrey Bridge, Jaimeet Gulati, Xiang Guo, Chin-Wei Hu, Alysha N. Jeans, Stephen M. Kruzick, Robert LiKamWa, Seth O'Brien, Dante M. Soares, Jonathan Stanley, Lu Sun, Chun Wu, Yingbo Yu


EtherNest, located in Abercrombie A119, is an open maker space supported by TI. The EtherNest is a workspace that has prototyping facilities for projects both in and outside of course work. A 3-D printer will be added to the EtherNest in 2014. The ECE Department provides funds to support the EtherNest and hosts student taught "College Classes" for enrichment in the EtherNest. A student leadership team is responsible for developing EtherNest. Find EtherNest on their website or Facebook. The 2015-2016 President is John Haug.

GSA (Logo) 
Graduate Student Association (GSA)

The Graduate Student Association (GSA) comprises degree seeking graduate students at Rice University. The GSA mission is to enrich the graduate student experience and to represent, support, and promote graduate student interests and values. An integral and essential part of the Rice community, the GSA provides programs and services aiding in recruitment and retention of graduate students, represents graduate student interests to the University administration, and builds a strong sense of community both on and off campus. Representative: Souptik Barua (16-17)



ECE_GSAECE Graduate Student Association

The Electrical & Computer Engineering Graduate Student Association (ECE GSA) exists to augment the organizational, educational, professional, and social aspects of our department. ECE is home to the ExCEL and mentoring programs, which are integrated into our GSA to provide a unified structure. Additionally, we serve as a connection to Rice’s overall GSA to voice larger concerns and gain supplementary support. The ECE GSA promotes the educational development of students by suggesting the creation or refinement of courses and by hosting special brown bag lunches. We ensure students’ professional development by participating in the organization of ECE Affiliates Day and also by leading events focused on fostering the skills needed for employment. Furthermore, we strive to strengthen the social life of students by arranging events that build friendships and provide respite from our hard work.

President: Joseph Young
Treasurer: Kevin Boos
Professional Development Director: Sharan Naribole
Social Directors: Eric Lewis, Mihika Tanzid, Chris Metzler
ExCEL Director: Pratiksha Dongare
Mentoring Directors: Jesse Choe, Himanshu Aggrawal
Secretary: Jasper Tan

IEEE (logo)
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

The Rice chapter of IEEE is a student organization dedicated to informing ECE students of what is going on in the department, preparing the undergrad ECE majors for life "beyond the hedges," encouraging freshmen and sophomores to major in Electrical Engineering, and creating a greater sense of community among the ECE students.

Julia Kwok (Co-President 2015-16), Leo Meister (Co-President 2015-16) Chase Stewart (Co-President 2014-15), Spencer Kent (Co-President 2014-15), Matt Lopez (Co-President 2013-14), Chelsea Rodrigues (Co-President 2013-14), Thomas Ladd (Co-President 2012-13), Isabella Gonzalez (Co-President 2012-13), Richard Latimer (Co-President 2011-12), Hana Wang (Co-President (2011-12), Aron Yu (President 2010-11), Frank Chen (co-President 2009-10), Mike Lo (co-President 2009-10), CJ Steuernagel (President 2008-09), Nick Berndsen (co-President 2007-08), Barron Stone (co-President 2007-08), Elliot Ng (co-President 2006-07), Charlie Ice (co-President 2006-07), Gina Upperman (co-President 2005-06), (2004-05), Melodie Chu (Chairman 2003-04), Kevin Duh (Chairman 2002-03), Erik Welsh (Chairman 2001-02)


Houston Chapter of the IEEE Circuits and Systems (CAS) Society
Chapter Chair: Professor Joseph Cavallaro
IEEE Photonics (logo)

Houston Chapter IEEE Photonics Society (formerly LEOS)

Chapter Chair: Professor Isabell Thomann

Houston Chapter IEEE Signal Processing Society (IEEESPS)
Chapter Chair: Professor Richard Baraniuk

ECE Graduate Student Mentoring Program

Each incoming Ph.D. student will be assigned two seasoned ECE graduate students, one in their primary area of research and one from another area. Mentors will assist first year students in academic matters, including preparation for ELEC 599, and social interaction with members of ECE and other interdisciplinary departments. Mentor/mentee social events will be planned over the course of the first year.
2015-2016 Mentors: Jesse Choe, Pratiksha Dongare
2014-15 Mentors: Raajen Patel, Jason Holloway, David Ramirez
2013-14 Mentors
: Raajen Patel, Jason Holloway, David Ramirez
2012-13 Mentors: Samantha Summerson, Jason Holloway, David Ramirez
2010-11 Mentors: Thomas Barr, Cen Liu, Matthew Nokleby, Chaitra Rai, Bill Rice, Pedro Santacruz, Samantha Summerson, Guohui Wang, Majid Valiollahzadeh, Bei Yin
2009-10 Mentors: David Kao, Lanyue Lu, William Chan, Manjari Narayan, Samantha Summerson, Jared Day, Masoud Rostami, Chinmay Hedge, Thomas Barr, Abhilash Krishna, Pedro Santacruz, Ardalan Amiri Sani, Ahmad Rahmati, Ehsan Aryafar, Debashis Dash, Eva Dyer, Achal Sahai, Corina Serediuc, Tasos Giannoulis, Matt Nokleby, Ryan Guerra

Photonic Owls (logo)
Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE - Photonic Owls)

This Chapter promotes the discipline of Optical Science and Engineering through the organized effort of this group in study, research, and discussion. We disseminate knowledge of the field of Optical Engineering, and further the professional development of the students comprising our membership.
Bob Zheng (President 2014-2015), Amanda Goodman (President 2012-13), Nick King (President 2009-10), Britt Lassiter (President 2008-09) 

TBP (logo)

Tau Beta Pi (Texas Gamma at Rice)
Tau Beta Pi is the engineering honor society on campus. TBP recognized outstanding engineering students through membership in the society.
Women ExCEL (logo)

Women ExCEL
Women Excel is a network of women in the ECE Department at Rice that aims to provide community, mentoring, and cultural enrichment for students. We furnish a medium for networking and discussion of women-specific issues.  Sudha Yellapantula, Bita Rouhani, Pratishka Dongare, ExCEL Leadership 2014-2015 

SHElecs: Undergraduate Women in Electrical Engineering is a student organization on campus for supporting undergraduate women in electrical engineering. We empower ECE women through community, networking, and mentorship. To join or contact us, please email shelecs@rice.edu.