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The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Rice University is housed primarily in Anne and Charles Duncan Hall and The Abercrombie Laboratory Building. All research programs in the department use the extensive computing facilities available for education and research, including two state of the art clean rooms, an undergraduate lab, and a DSP "Elite" Lab.  The Research Computer Support Group manages a collection of computational resources for Rice student and faculty use. In addition, the Visualization Lab allows interaction with data on a 200-inch 3-D screen.

The ECE Department also has many design and simulation software packages available in the research and educational labs including Cadence, Mentor Graphics, Mathworks Matlab/Simulink, NI Labview, Synopsys, and Xilinx.

Anne and Charles Duncan Hall 

Duncan Hall was designed to allow for shared resources among engineering departments, facilitating multidisciplinary research and education.  Private offices, classroom, laboratories, lecture halls, an auditorium, conference rooms, and courtyards surround the atrium.  This proximity eases communication and fosters collaboration.  Departments, institutes, and centers in Duncan Hall include electrical and computer engineering, as well as computational and applied mathematics, statistics, and computer science, the Ken Kennedy Institute for Information Technology (K2I), and the Center for Multimedia Communication (CMC) which is situated in a dedicated Texas Instruments Wing.  


The Abercrombie Laboratory Building 

Abercrombie, located adjacent to Duncan Hall, houses part of electrical and computer engineering, as well as chemical engineering and civil and environmental engineering.

Oshman Engineering Design Kitchen 

The Oshman Engineering Design Kitchen (OEDK) provides a space for undergraduate students majoring in bioengineering, chemical and biomolecular engineering, civil and environmental engineering, computational and applied mathematics, computer science, electrical and computer engineering, mechanical engineering and material science, and statistics to design, prototype and deploy solutions to real-world engineering challenges. The ECE senior capstone design sequence utilizes this facility.



EtherNest, located in Abercrombie A119, is an open maker space supported by TI. The EtherNest is a workspace that has prototyping facilities for projects both in and outside of course work. A 3-D printer will be added to the EtherNest in 2014. The ECE Department provides funds to support the EtherNest and hosts student taught "College Classes" for enrichment in the EtherNest. A student leadership team is responsible for developing EtherNest. Find EtherNest on their website or Facebook.

Bill Wilson IEEE Lounge 

The Bill Wilson IEEE Lounge is located in Abercrombie A147. The space is a lounge and study area for undergraduate students. The lounge is named for the late Dr. Bill Wilson, former resident associate and master of Wiess College. From Wikipedia: "One of the most influential persons in Wiess history was electrical engineering professor Bill Wilson, who served as resident associate from 1978 to 2006 and as interim Master in 1982-83, which was also the year in which Wiess became a co-ed college. Wilson, known to generations of students as Dr. Bill, was a fixture of Rice's college system and the keeper of many Wiess traditions. In addition to his many teaching awards, he is the only person to have won the Student Association's Mentor Recognition Award twice....In December 2009, the Rice board of Trustees, with the consent of Wiess College, decided that the new Masters' residence at Wiess will be named Wilson House, in honor of Dr. Bill. Dedicated on March 11, 2011, Wilson House is the first building at Rice named after a college Master or Resident Associate, and the first Masters' residence to bear a name distinct from that of its associated college."

Facilities Directory (room - extension): 

ECE Department Office - AL A204, Fax x5686   
ACES Lab - (Koushanfar) DH 3030   Networking/DSP Lab - DH2032 , x3408
Babakhani Lab - AL C160, x2157   Optics Lab - AL A158
Babakhani Lab (RISC) - AL A123, x2611   Pearson Conference Room - AL A227
CMC Lab - DH2015, x6196   Robinson Lab - GRB E117, E121, x2987
Characterization Lab - AL A167, x4688   Clean Room 1000 Lab (Shared Space) - AL A137A, x3139
Computer Arch. Lab - AL A122   Clean Room 100 Lab (Shared Space)  - AL A137B
Digital Lab - AL A124 - 2611   Thomann Lab - BH 9, x3601
GRB E114, x3620
EtherNest - A119   Tittel Lab - SS 104, x2614
Halas Chem Lab - DB150, x3646   Rabson Undergraduate Lab - AL A141
Halas Laser Lab - DB150, 151, x8071   Veeraraghavan Lab - AL126
Halas Lab - BH 260, x3517 & x3211
GRB E122, 125B, x3537
  VLSI Lab - AL A116 - 3747
Kelly Lab - BH 6, x3079
AL A164, A165, x4158
  Wilson IEEE Lounge - A147
Kemere Lab - BRC 740, x6089   Robinson/Veeraraghavan Lab - AL C103, x4692
Kono Lab - A159, A161, x2074
A162, BH 14, x3248 & x3261
  Zhong Lab - DH3039, AL C121