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ECE Peer Academic Advisors  

This is a new system started back in 2008. A few selected upperclassmen with diverse range of experience and excellence will be ‘on-call’ to help you out with anything academically related. You have your Peer Academic Advisors within your colleges but these people can target specifically to your Elec needs. They could provide you with information from planning ahead for classes to even resume writing for internships and research opportunities.

The ECE Peer Advisors are here to answer any and all of your questions about classes, specializations, research, internships, etc.The advisors are all current undergraduates, so they can provide honest advice from a student's perspective. Below you will find a list of advisors, their contact information, and their academic profiles. We encourage you to consult the advisors on any matters concerning your academic career 

  Thomas Ladd                trl1@                  Wiess                               
  Chelsea M. Rodriques cmr8@ Baker
  Sean Peters stp2@ Sid Rich