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Letter from the ECE Affiliates Chair 

Building stronger connections


Ashutosh Sabharwal (photo) 

The ECE Affiliates Program provides extraordinary opportunities to establish and renew connections to engineering professionals, technical experts, and business associates.  Participants experience intensified involvement with the department and faculty researchers, addressing new directions in engineering research.  

Companies recognize that employing Rice ECE students, often translates into market leadership. Affiliates regularly tap into the exceptional capabilities of our undergraduate and graduate students, making it a practice to participate in on-campus meetings, pizza and coffee talks, classroom visits, career seminars, and student organizations such as IEEE. Internships complement education, greatly accelerate the research and the teaching mission of the department, which ultimately prepare students for successful senior level leadership positions throughout the industry. 

The membership plans outlined below are just the beginning of the many possible ways to build relationship with ECE. Please contact me to discuss your ideas about how to participate in this exciting program and increase your corporate presence at Rice.


Ashutosh Sabharwal