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ECE Affiliates Membership Plans 

$0 – Complimentary Level 

Invitation to attend ECE’s annual Corporate Affiliates Day, monthly newsletter with information about ECE happenings. 


$5,000 – Startup Level 

The above opportunities, plus: early access to students; a table at Affiliates Day and opportunities to talk to students who are part of the poster session; Visibility of senior design projects.

Open to Startups with less than 10 employees & $5m revenue. 


$15,000 – Silver Level 

All of the above opportunities, plus: opportunities to submit potential projects for senior design; champion research projects that are of interest to you and Rice; recruiting table opportunity and interview room at Affiliates Day; invitations to student exposure events; invited IEEE lunch talk on Rice campus.


$35,000 – Gold Level 

All of the above opportunities, plus: a dedicated day for interaction with students and faculty: graduate student roundtable; student research project presentations; an opportunity to meet with chosen ECE faculty; an opportunity to present to the ECE community on topic of your choice. 

This program is personalized and tailored to the affiliate member organization. 


 To join, or for questions: Jennifer Hunter, 713-348-4212 or jkh6@rice.edu