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ECE Affiliates Membership Plans

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A Basic Membership for  $20,000 per year

Reaching the next generation’s innovators can be challenging. The ECE web site attracts well-qualified electrical engineering talent. It is a powerful way to increase your organization’s visibility among students, and faculty researchers.  At this membership level, your organization receives a dedicated web page, describing your business’s involvement with Rice, links from the ECE web site and other highly visible Rice University web sites, summary of products and services, news highlights, links to career and internship opportunities, and alumni profiles. Also, members receive free unlimited registration for the ECE annual affiliates conference at Rice University.

A Named Affiliate Company-sponsored Doctoral Fellowship for $30,000 per student

Our Ph.D. program consists of formal courses and original research conducted under the guidance of a faculty advisor (or advisors). The first academic year concentrates on foundation coursework and focuses on a research area. Each student must successfully complete a project in his or her chosen area of research. The named doctoral fellowship is an excellent way to support a promising student and a focused research area. A company-named fellowship includes full support --all administrative costs and overhead--for one Ph.D. student and the opportunity to collaborate on a focused project with ECE faculty member(s). 

A Named Affiliate Company-sponsored Fellowship for $8,000 per M.E.E. student

The Professional Master's degree is a terminal, non-thesis degree intended primarily for students who wish to strengthen their academic background through a year of additional course work.  The named affiliate fellowship is another innovative way to support promising students. This fellowship includes partial support, e.g. administrative costs and overhead, typically $1,000 per student.

A Company-sponsored Senior Design Team for $8,000 per team

The Senior Design Program Sponsorship is an innovative way to introduce “real world” product design and development experience to students.  The experience makes the curriculum more relevant as students benefit from working directly with future employers and develop an understanding of markets and opportunities. Companies may adopt a team or multiple teams of seniors to work with throughout the academic year -- mentoring and collaborating throughout the process.  Recognizing that our corporate members have busy schedules, an online system will be used to track each team’s progress and customized mentoring schedules.

The sponsorship for the Senior Design Project covers administrative costs and overhead for the team (typically $1,000 per student).  Contact Gary Woods  to start building your design team. 

Company-sponsored Class Project Competition

ECE offers a unique opportunity for your company to be directly involved with undergraduate electrical and computer engineering courses such as ELEC 430, ELEC 534, and ELEC 541.   Contact Ashutosh Sabarwal to customize the competition best suited for your business.

Join today!

  • Contact the Affiliates Chair, Professor Ashutosh Sabharwal, regarding your intent to join the program.
  • Select the plan that best matches your needs and objectives.
  • Download the membership agreement and send a check payable to the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering Affiliates Program and send to: Rice University, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Affiliates Program, 6100 Main Street, MS 380, Houston TX   77005