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Frequently Asked Questions

Please refer below for answers to Frequently Asked Questions. Was your question not answered? More information can be found via the office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, the ECE graduate academics page and the ECE graduate handbooks. Unanswered questions that are not related to admissions decisions may be directed to elec@rice.edu. Emails regarding admissions status will not be answered. Please use all other resources available to you to try and answer your question before contacting the ECE Department.

What degrees do you offer? +
Do you offer an M.S. Degree? +
How may I apply for the joint MEE/MBA program? +
What are the application requirements? +
I already have a graduate degree. Can I still apply? +
Can I apply for more than one program in ECE, or more than one graduate program at Rice? +
When is the application available? +
How can I update my application once it has been submitted? +
My school does not use a 4.0 scale. How do I report my GPA?+
Do you require a statement of purpose?+
What should my statement of purpose include?+
Do I need to take the GRE?+
Can I take the GRE more than once?+
Is the IELTS acceptable?+
If my TOEFL score is below 90, can I still apply?+
Do you require all letters of recommendation to be submitted online?+
How can I verify that my recommendations have been received?+
What if my TOEFL score is not available, or my recommenders can’t get documents submitted, by the deadline?+
How can I check my application status?+
When and how will I be informed if I have been admitted?+
Do you provide conditional acceptance?+
I was not accepted. Can you tell me why?+
How many applicants are you accepting this year?+
Where do ECE graduates obtain employment?+
What financial aid is available to me?+
I am an MEE applicant. Can I work as a TA or perform research with faculty?+
I am interested in working with, or have a question for, a specific faculty member. Is it appropriate to contact faculty directly?+
How can I arrange for a campus visit?+
If I was not admitted, can I reapply?+
Do you allow transfer credit from other schools?+
If I am admitted, is campus housing available?+