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ECE graduate students are welcome to ask for assistance when it is needed. Administrative staff and the Engineering Graduate Program staff are all available to answer questions. A directory can be found here.

Ph.D.: In addition, each incoming Ph.D. student will be assigned two seasoned ECE graduate students, one in the student’s primary area of research and one from another area. Mentors will assist first-year students in academic matters, including preparation for ELEC 599, and social interaction with members of ECE and other interdisciplinary departments. Mentor/mentee social events will be planned over the course of the first year by the Student Mentor Committee.

ECE graduate student mailboxes can be found in Abercrombie Room A239. FedEx and UPS Packages are received in Abercrombie A204.

Students working for more than 20 hours per week are not normally eligible for full-time status, and special permission is needed. See the ECE Graduate Program Administrator for details. International students must obtain the appropriate work authorization from the Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS) before starting to work. If you work even one day before or after your authorization, you must leave the U.S. or face deportation. Click here for additional information.