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Assefzadeh Wins IEEE MTT-S Graduate Fellowship for 2017

He will be recognized for his achievement at the June 2017 International Microwave Society Conference in Hawaii.


February 2017

Congratulations to Mahdi Assefzadeh, a Ph.D. student in electrical and computer engineering (ECE) for receiving an IEEE MTT-S Graduate Fellowship for 2017! Assefzadeh, a member of ECE assistant professor Aydin Babakhani’s Rice Integrated Systems and Circuits (RISC) laboratory, was recognized for his work in Terahertz technology.

“This is very exciting for me because it is a prestigious fellowship for Ph.D. students, and very competitive,” Assefzadeh said.

2017 is the third year in a row a student from the RISC lab has received an MTT-S fellowship. In 2016, Himanshu Aggrawal received the award, also for his work in Terahertz, and in 2015, Xuebei Yang received the honor for his work in medical technology.

In his application, Assefzadeh proposed a novel THz pulse generation technique, Direct Digital-to-Impulse (D2I), that is capable of radiating high-power picosecond pulses.

Assefzadeh is working on a digitally programmable THz pulse-radiating array in silicon. The array will form narrow beams of broadband THz pulse radiation, which can be used in a high-resolution, long-range active spectral imaging system. The array will enable a 300Gbps wireless link over a 300m distance, to serve as the next-generation transmitter for long-range Terabit per second wireless communication.

“This will be the first broadband, high-power and highly directive beam-steerable THz source with a repetition rate of 100GHz and integrated digital programmability,” Assefzadeh noted.

Assefzadeh will travel to Honolulu in June to be recognized for the achievement, which includes a certificate of recognition, the $6,000 fellowship, and travel reimbursement to the conference.

-Jennifer Hunter