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Peshal Nayak Wins Best-In-Session at InfoCom 2017

Congratulations to Peshal Nayak, a graduate student in electrical and computer engineering, on winning a “Best-In-Session” presentation award at the 2017 IEEE International Conference on Computer Communications (InfoCom)!

“I based this talk on my research paper, titled 'Multi-User Downlink with Single-User Uplink can Starve TCP',” he explained.

Nayak’s research in the paper deals with the first cross-layer analysis of wireless LANs operating under downlink multi-user MIMO (MU-MIMO), considering the fundamental role played by closed-loop (TCP) traffic. Nayak built analytical models to identify and explain performance anomalies that, in some scenarios, result in very low throughput, which completely offset the gains theoretically achievable by MU-MIMO.

“We demonstrated the pitfalls of a multi-user downlink without a multi-user uplink,” Nayak explained. “Making only the Access Point (AP) much more powerful in sending downlink traffic does not necessarily correspond to an equivalent gain in terms of throughput perceived by users at the transport layer, even if the vast majority of bytes are transmitted in the downlink direction, e.g., via download of large files via TCP. “

In the talk, Nayak also covered solutions to mitigate the risk of performance degradation as well as alternative uplink strategies.



The Best-In Session winner is decided on by a committee led by the session chair.

“I'm very happy and honored to receive this award,” Nayak said. “This would not be possible without the help, guidance and motivation of my advisor Dr. Edward Knightly and my research collaborator Dr. Michele Garetto (Universit`a di Torino, Italy) who are my co-authors in this research paper.

InfoCom is a top-ranked conference on networking in the research community, with a very competitive acceptance rate. Knightly, ECE's Department Chair, delivered the keynote address at the conference, which was held May 1-4 in Atlanta. Read more about Nayak's paper here.


-Jennifer Hunter