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Adjunct Faculty

An adjunct professor is typically an individual from another institution whose scholarly or professional activities enrich and complement Rice programs and interests. All adjunct appointments may initially be for up to two years and may be renewed in increments of up to three years. They do not involve tenure or remuneration and carry no voting rights at faculty meetings. 
First Name Last Name Organization Email @ Rice Web
Dora Angelaki Baylor College of Medicine dora.angelaki Web
Michael Brogioli Polymathic Consulting brogioli Web
Anand Dabak Texas Instruments anand.dabak LinkedIn
Clifford Dasco Baylor College of Medicine clifford.c.dasco.md Web
Ronald DeVore Texas A&M University rad3919 Wiki
Chris Dick Xilinx christopher.h.dick Web
David Eagleman Stanford University david.m.eagleman Web
Henry Everitt Duke University henry.everitt Web
Omer Hanan Gurewitz Ben Gurion University gurewitz Web
Amit Joshi Baylor College of Medicine amit.joshi Web
Markku Juntti University of Oulu markku.j.juntti Web
Giridhar Kalamangalam University of Texas Health / TMC giridhar.kalamangalam Web
Daniel Kim University of Texas Health / TMC dhk1 Web
Yehia Massoud Worcester Polytechnic Institute massoud Web
Daniel Mittleman Brown University daniel Web
Tarik Muharemovic J.P. Morgan tarik Web
Bijan Najafi Baylor College of Medicine bijan.najafi Web
Dorina Papageorgiou Baylor College of Medicine dorina.papageorgiou Web
Arvind Rao MD Anderson Cancer Center arvind.rao Web
David      Ress Baylor College of Medicine davud.ress@rice.edu Web
Shivkumar Sabesan LivaNova (formerly Cyberonics) shivkumar.sabesan Google Scholar
Aswin Sankaranarayanan Carnegie Mellon University saswin Web
Stephan      Schwanauer OpenStax College Stephan.M.Schwanauer Web
Steve Sheafor Ambiq Micro / Kozio sheafor LinkedIn
Francois      St Pierre Baylor College of Medicine stpierre@bcm.edu Web
Christoph Studer Cornell University studer Web
Nitin Tandon Memorial Hermann - Texas Medical Center nitin.tandon Web
Andreas Tolias Baylor College of Medicine andreas.s.tolias Web
John Treichler Applied Signal Technology john.treichler Web
Venu Vasudevan ARRIS vanu.vasudevan LinkedIn