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Electrical and Computer Engineering

ECE Staff


Administrative Staff
Lisa Emmite-Baker    Lead Research Administrator   Abercrombie A205, x6232    lje1@  
Denise L Fly    DSP Administrator   Duncan Hall 2027, x5787    dlf2@  
Caroline A. Griffin        CMC Administrator Duncan Hall 2021, x6232 cag2@
Thien Ha   Financial and Research Administrator Abercrombie A229, x2948 thien.ha@
Kim Hardy     Undergraduate Administrator   Abercrombie B203, x6722    kim.hardy@  
Jennifer Hunter     Visibility Specialist   Abercrombie A203, x4212   jkh6@  
Carol Lively    RQI Administrator   Brockman Hall 283, x3566    clively@  
Cyndi Menchaca    Lead Financial Analyst   Abercrombie A231, x4384    menchaca@  
Mandy Nevin    Web Coordinator   (Remote) 512-653-8833   mandynev@
Sarah Phillips    International Programs Administrator  Abercrombie A127, x6362    sphillips@  
Dee Rashdi    RNG Administrator   Duncan Hall 3045, x6268    drashdi@  
Vicki Schutter    Purchasing Coordinator   Abercrombie B205, x4030    vicki@  
Gabynely Solis   NSF PIRE Administrator Brockman Hall 322, x6313 gsolis@
Carrie Toffoletto   Department/Grad Program Administrator Abercrombie B203, x5081 cpt2@
Sandy Williams (TEMP)   LANP Administrator   Brockman Hall 282, x5746   sandra.l.williams@
Technical Staff          
Randy Fly   Lab and Facilities Manager Abercrombie A146, x6317 rlf4@
Research Staff          
Ben Avants   Research Technician II George R. Brown Hall bwa1@
Tony Elam   Research Director Duncan Hall 1083 elam@
Denver Green   Temp Digital Media Specialist Duncan Hall dsg1@
Surbhi Lal   Research Scientist/ExecDir, LANP Brockman Hall 284, x3587 slal@
Yunliang Li   Research Scientist Brockman Hall 334 yunliang.li@
Matthew Moravec   Temp Research Project Coordinator Duncan Hall moravec@
Gaurav Patel   WARP Project Manager Duncan Hall 2017-A, x5932 gaurav.patel@
Sadia Quadri   Wireless Network Engineer Duncan Hall 2048, x6268 Sadia.Quadri@
Heather Seeba        DSP Research Engineer      Abercrombie A229, x2716 hseeba@
Christoph Studer   Research Scientist Duncan Hall 2046, x3579 saswin@
Daniel Williamson   Research Systems/DB Admin Duncan Hall 2031 dcwill@