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Electrical and Computer Engineering

 ECE Department Recycling

General Guidelines
    Unbroken Glass 
    Small metallic items
    *NO CFL BULBS                                        
     Electronics Guidelines
In order to ensure proper disposal and proper accounting through Property Control according to university regulations, please contact ECE Lab & Facilities Manager (x6317) for pick-up of all computers/electronics equipment.
• Facilities Manager will arrange for all computer hard drives to be wiped clean by IT.
• EVERYTHING must be listed through Rice Classifieds (Property Control Policy) for recycle or for sale.
• Any non-functioning/unusable computers or electronics will be recycled environmentally conscious through EHS.
• Any “functioning” computers/electronics will be listed “Available to buy” on Rice Classifieds. 

Special Recycling through ECE Lab & Facilities Manager
    CFL bulbs (curly bulbs)

For any additional information (sharps, broken glass, hazardous items) visit: Waste Disposal guidelines: http://safety.rice.edu/Waste/General_Waste_Disposal_Guidelines/