Behnaam Aazhang - Publications

All publications have been posted to the Rice University digital repository. If you are looking for a particular publication, and are not able to find it in the repository, please write to me (at and I will try to send you a copy.

Short Courses

  1. • "Managing Intreference in Wireless Networks"
    (at Department of Communication Engineering, University of Oulu, Oulu, Finland), Summer 2012 (pdf)

    • "Cooperative Communications: Theoretical Overview and Fundamentals Techniques"
    (at Helsinki University of Technology, Helsinki, Finland, at University of Oulu, Oulu, Finland, and at Samsung Corporation, Suwan, South Korea)

    • "Understanding Wireless Networks: Coding, Scheduling, Fairness and Resource Allocation"
    (at Helsinki University of Technology, Helsinki, Finland)

    • "Wireless Communications: A Power Efficiency Perspective"
    (at the University of Oulu, Oulu, Finland, CIC '2002 in Seoul, Korea, and at Helsinki University of Technology, Helsinki, Finland)

    • "Architecture and Signal Processing Algorithms for CDMA Systems"
    (at the Nokia Research Center, Helsinki, Finland and Nokia Mobile Phones, San Diego, CA)

    • "Applications of Signal Processing in CDMA Communications"
    (at the University of Oulu, Oulu, Finland)

General Overview

  1. • "Leadership, Research, and Vision", NSF, June 2013 (pdf)

  2. • "Neuro-engineeringat Rice ECE", K2I, Rice University, April 2013 (pdf)

  3. • "Managing Interferences in Wireless Networks", Ruka, Finland, February 2013 (pdf)

  4. • "Context Aware Wireless Network", Renesas Mobile, May 2012 (pdf)

    • "How to Give a Great Technical Presentation", University of Oulu, April 2009 (pdf)

  5. • "Location Aware Wireless Networks", Workshop, Beijing, China, March 2009 (pdf)

  6. • "Location Aware Wireless Networks", Workshop, Shanghai, China, March 2009 (pdf)

  7. • "Cooperative and Opportunistic Wireless Network", Center for Wireless Communication, University of Oulu, Summer 2008 (pdf)

  8. • "Cooperative and Opportunistic Network", International Zurich Seminar, Summer 2008 (pdf)

  9. • "Cooperative and Opportunistic Wireless Network", Nokia, Summer 2008 (pdf)

  10. • "Cooperative Wireless Network", Nile University, Cairo, Egypt, Spring 2008 (pdf)

Recent Presentations

Press Release GIGA - Converging Networks - FiDiPro.