ELEC 419: Innovation Lab for Mobile Health

Instructors : Ashu Sabharwal (ECE) and Ashok Veeraraghavan (ECE)
Engineering Mentor : Gaurav Patel, CMC Research Engineer (ECE)
Advising Faculty: Marc Epstein (Business School)
Spring 2014, 3 Credit Hours

Class enrollment closed.

Synopsis: This course will be a innovation lab for mobile health products. The students will organize themselves in groups with complementary skills and work on a single project for the whole semester. The aim will be to develop a product prototype which can then be demonstrated to both medical practitioners and potential investors. For successful projects with an operational prototype, the next steps could (i) apply to OWLspark (Rice accelerator program) (ii) raise funds via crowd-sourcing (like Kickstarter) and/or (iii) get sponsored by Scalable Health Labs. ELEC Juniors can also use the project outcomes as a starting point for their Senior Design.

The top project will win $1000 cash prize to move their project further.
Meeting time: Once a week, most likely 6-8:30pm, day to be decided.
Target Audience: The course is targeted to ELEC and CS majors, both undergrads and grad students. See below for more details.
Application Period: Oct 15 - Nov 15 or till 20 students have been accepted to the class. See details for the application process below.

About enrolling: About projects: What else ? Spring 2014 Class is Underway
Got questions ? Please write to Ashu Sabharwal or Ashok Veeraraghavan.