NetSpades: A multiuser networked spades game for Unix/Linux


But what is spades?

I'm afraid that a discussion of that is beyond this first NetSpades webpage of mine. See any book on card games for rules on how to play. Or check out this page for general spades rules. Also, see the appendix of the NetSpades README file for a brief description of this particular variation of spades.

What is NetSpades?

NetSpades is a networked spades game for one to four players.

Do I need to have 4 players?

With the release of NetSpades-4.2.0, you no longer need to have four players. Any number from one to four can play, and computer players will make up the difference.

I'm not hooked up to a network, can I play NetSpades?

Yes! Netspades-4.2.0 provides an offline option for single-user play.

What are the system requirements?


NetSpades was written under Linux, but I have tested it successfully under FreeBSD and Solaris as well. It should be easily portable to any standard Unix/Unix-like platform. There is a windows port of the client under way here. There is no port of the server to the windows platform, but the windows client works well with the Unix server.


There are two clients available. The first is a console-base client requiring the SLang library, and the GNU readline library (Note: I have only tested it under version 2.X, not the newer version 4). The second is an X-based client, requiring the GTK+ widget library.

Obligatory Screenshots

Console version

X11 version

Future plans for NetSpades

Contacting me

If you have comments, complaints, bug-reports, suggestions, or patches, you can contact me via e-mail at