Running magic and irsim on Owlnet at Rice University.        –Updated 9/25/00



Automatic Enivronment set-up: (NEW!!)


To setup Magic, Irsim, Pplot, and other utilities for Elec422, type:


register cad-2.0


You can see the environment variables it creates by looking in:




Note: At this point, you need to type cad-2.0, but there is a logical link between cad and cad-2.0, so everything should be found properly.


Manual Environment set-up:


You can manually set your “path” variable and “CAD_HOME” environment variable in your .cshrc file as in


setenv CAD_HOME /usr/site/cad


Your path (for .cshrc on OwlNet) should contain:


to access magic, irsim, ext2sim, pplot, etc.


A corrected template .cshrc file that only supports the Elec422 Magic tools is here. It should be renamed .cshrc and placed in your home directory after carefully comparing with any existing special features of your existing .cshrc file.


Running on remote machines:


If you need to run Magic remotely on a different Owlnet compute server, then please use secure shell “ssh” to access the remote Owlnet server. As in other X Windows applications, “ssh” should properly pass all of your environment variables including the DISPLAY variable. It sometimes is worthwhile to use a simple application like “xclock” to verify your X environment.


Important Command lines:



ext2sim -R -t! <file>.ext

irsim scmos100.prm <file>.sim

where <file> is the name of your magic design file. If you see “Using NULL graphics device.” when magic starts up, try the following argument with magic :

magic -d X11

to force the X11 Xwindows display.




Please go through the Magic tutorial documents on the Elec422 Web page for further details. If you are having trouble finding the tutorial magic files (tut1.mag), please

check your magic path and type

:path ".:/usr/site/cad/lib/magic/tutorial:"

within magic (that is a long keyboard command staring with a “:”).


Demo Files:


A demo of a simple inverter pair or buffer is available at (on Owlnet):


The magic file is called buffer.mag

The “files.txt” file contains a summary of important input and output files used by

magic and irsim. Send mail to or if you have any problem starting up magic.