Notes of a Short Course held at the 2008 International School, Monopoli, Italy

Lecturers: Besides Thanos Antoulas, Jan Willems, Paolo Rapisarda, Ivan Markovsky and Carsten Scherer lectured as well.

  1. Part I: Model reduction: Overview (pdf file: size 2.8M)

  2. Part II: Balanced truncation and the Lyapunov equation (pdf file: size 0.3M)

  3. Part III: Krylov approximation and rational interpolation (pdf file: size 0.3M)

  4. Part IV: Model reduction from measurements (pdf file: size 3.6M)

2009 Comson Autumn School, Terschelling, The Nethwerlands

    An overview of interpolatory model reduction (pdf file: size 3.6M)

Talk at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 29 January 2010

    An overview of model reduction methods (pdf file: size 6.7M)

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Last modified: September 2008