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Avinash Lingamneni
Department of ECE
6100 Main MS-366
Houston, Texas 77005-1827
Email : avinash.l AT rice DOT edu

Selected Press Articles

Inexact Circuit Design

  1. Oh, that's near enough, The Economist, June 2012.

  2. 'Inexact' computer chip 15 times more efficient than current models unveiled, Yahoo News, May 2012.

  3. Inexact processor is more power efficient, EE Times, May 2012.

  4. 'Faulty' computer chip is 15x more efficient, Futurity, May 2012.

  5. This Imperfect Processor Is 15 Times More Efficient Than Yours, Gizmodo, May 2012.

  6. Chip Makers Sacrifice Accuracy for Energy Efficiency, The New York Times (from GigaOm), March 2011.

  7. 'Pruned' microchips are faster, smaller, more energy-efficient, Electronic Engineering Times, March 2011.

  8. Errors Make Some Circuits Better, Technology Review (Published by MIT), March 2011.

  9. Pruning delivers lean, green microchips, Futurity, March 2011.

  10. Microchips designed to make mistakes can be more efficient, Wired UK, March 2011.

  11. 'Pruned' microchips are leaner and meaner, Gizmag, March 2011.

  12. Future Computer Chips Will Make More Mistakes (And That's a Good Thing), FastCompany, March 2011.

Energy, Sustainability and IT

  1. Half the productivity, twice the carbon, Rice University News Releases, October 2010.

  2. More carbon, less productivity?, Guardian UK, October 2010.

  3. Green Technologies Key for IT Industry Profitability in 2020, ScienceDaily, October 2010.

  4. IT: Planet Polluter, Bloomberg Businessweek, October 2010.

  5. Half the productivity, twice the carbon, PhysOrg, October 2010.