Three Main Research Areas


Several Postdoc Openings in Wireless

Scalable Health is developing sensing foundations for next-generation healthcare and wellness. Our focus is on

The ongoing projects focus on medication adherence, screen-watching behaviors of children, diabetes and cardio-vascular disease management, camera-based physiological measurements and mental health monitoring. The effort has already led to three spinoffs, Cognita Labs, OcuCheck and CherryPick Analytics.

Wearables Lab is the new VIP to develop next-generation bio-behavioral sensors and wearables.


  • (April 2019) Xu Du defended his Ph.D. thesis and is headed to Facebook.
  • (April 2019) Jian Cao defended her Ph.D. thesis and is headed to Facebook.
  • (April 2019) Our original WARP paper, published in 2006, was awarded ACM Sigmobile Test-of-time Award .
  • (April 2018) Our 2012 full-duplex paper wins 2018 The IEEE Communications Society Award for Advances in Communications" (equivalent of the Test-of-time award for Communications Theory)
  • (April 2018) Leading the RENEW team as part of NSF PAWR.
  • (Spring 2018) Leading a new Expeditions in Computing Grant on Computational Photo-scatterrography.
  • (Fall 2017) Leading the Rice team as part of new NSF ERC, PATHS-UP, led by Texas A&M with Rice, UCLA and FIU.
  • (Spring 2017) New NIH R01 in collaboration with Baylor College of Medicine, to develop accurate and automatic methods for screen use monitoring.
  • See more news updates at Scalable Health Initiative
  • (June 2015) Part of a new NSF Large grant on "Practical Foundations for Massive MIMO."
  • (April 2015) Mayank's research on distancePPG for non-contact accurate measurement of vital signs, is featured in many media outlets. See the original Rice article here .
  • (May 2015) Keynote at WinMee in Mumbai, India on "Massive MIMO: Theory and Experiments".
  • (October 2014) Adam Samaniego presented mobileVision at Wireless Health 2014.
  • (August 2014) New NSF MRI will fund a novel mHealth device platform, ScaleMed, for researchers. News release here
  • (July - August 2014) Gaurav Patel, Tony Elam and I attended NSF i-Corps. First team from Rice to do so. Great experience !
  • (Jan 2014) Elevated to IEEE Fellow status.
  • (Jan 2014) Achaleshwar Sahai defended his PhD. Received Best ECE PhD Thesis Award. Headed to Qualcomm.
  • (Nov 2013) I will be serving as a TPC co-chair for ACM Mobicom 2014.
  • (Nov 2013) Debashis Dash defended his PhD.
  • (May 2013) New review/tutorial article on full-duplex wireless (November 2014).
  • (May 2013) Pedro Santacruz graduates with PhD.
  • Evan Everett is awarded NSF Graduate Fellowship.
  • (May 2012) Congrats ! Melissa Duarte, Chris Hunter and David Kao graduate with PhDs. Also Congrats to Melissa for Best ECE Dissertation Award and Chris for being the featured speaker on Corporate Affiliates Day (April 2012).
  • A team of our undergrads win the best demo prize in mHealthSys 2011. Their paper was a finalist for the best paper award.
  • Rice team finishes third in the worldwide Microsoft competition, using our open-source mobile spirometer.
  • (Fall 2010) Patrick Murphy defended his PhD. Patrick designed major pieces of WARP as part of his MS. For his PhD, he designed, implemented and experimentally studied the first real-time non-orthogonal amplify-and-forward and decode-and-forward cooperative system. See his PhD dissertation at the WARP website. Patrick plans to continue growing his startup, Mango Communications, which is a WARP spinoff.
  • Recent work featured in MIT Technology Review
  • PI, Large NSF NeTS award, joint with Princeton (M. Chiang and R. Calderbank) and OSU (N. Shroff)
  • Co-chairing ICC 2011, Wireless Communications Symposium
  • Vaneet Aggarwal awarded Jacobus Fellowship
  • Melissa Duarte wins Roberto Rocca Fellowship
  • David Kao awarded Edmund McAshan Dupree Fellowship
  • WARP story was carried by many news outlets, see the one in PC Magazine
  • WARP is charting a new direction, supported by NSF, TI and Xilinx

Education News

    (Fall 2016) Hello ELEC 432/534 - Mobile Bio-behavioral Sensing - an all new course on sensing foundations for next-generation healthcare and wellness.
  • (Spring 2016) Goodbye ELEC 419, the course is now retired and replaced with ELEC 432/534.
  • (Spring 2015) ELEC 419 will be offered again, with new format and material. See more information here
  • (Spring 2014) ELEC 695 is morphing into ELEC/CS 419:Innovation Lab for Mobile Health (starting Spring 2014). First run was super successful - see final project pitches at Scalable Health.
  • (Spring 2012, Spring 2013) A new course "ELEC 695: Innovations in Mobile Health."
  • "WARP for Cognitive Communications" - a hands-on one-day tutorial on May 3, 2011 at DySpan 2011
  • New Freshman Course - ELEC 101: Elements of Electrical Engineering
  • 10th WARP Workshop held on March 29-30 on Rice Campus, with 16 participants from Princeton, Drexel, Purdue, UC-Irvine, UC-Riverside, NASA, RWTH Aachen, Rice.