ELEC 419/ELEC 559/BIOE 419/BIOE 534: Innovation Lab for Mobile Health

Instructors : Ashu Sabharwal (ECE), Ashok Veeraraghavan (ECE), Ray Simar (ECE) and Eric Richardson (BioE)

Engineering Mentors : Mayank Kumar (PhD, ECE)

Spring 2016, 3 Credit Hours


Synopsis: This course is an innovation lab for mobile health products. The students will organize themselves in groups with complementary skills and work on a single project for the whole semester. Following Lean Startup and Maker principles, the teams will be to develop a series of product prototypes to reach a minimum viable product to solve a real health problem. For successful projects with an operational prototype, the next steps could (i) apply to OWLspark (Rice accelerator program) (ii) raise funds via crowd-sourcing (like Kickstarter) and/or (iii) get sponsored by Scalable Health Labs. ELEC and BioE Juniors can also use the project outcomes as a starting point for their Senior Design.

Meeting time: Once a week, wednesdays 6:30-9pm.
Target audience: The course is targeted to ELEC, BioE and CS majors, both undergrads and grad students. See below for more details.
Max class size: 25 students will be accepted to the class.

Speakers for Spring 2014
Speakers for Spring 2015
Speakers for Spring 2016
About projects: What else ?
Got questions ? Please write to Ashu Sabharwal, Ashok Veeraraghavan, Ray Simar or Eric Richardson.