Information Architectures for Femto-aided Cellular Networks

NSF NeTS Medium (2012-2016)

Principal Investigators : Sanjay Shakkottai, Salman Avestimehr and Ashutosh Sabharwal

Students and Participants :

New Landscape: Femto-aided cellular networks are fundamentally altering the landscape of commercial wireless deployments. From a planned and centrally managed cellular network architecture, we are devolving to a heterogenous (cellular base-stations and Femto base-stations) unplanned network, with loose coordination due to disparate time-scales and bandwidths in the backhaul interconnects between these nodes. From an operational perspective, this results in a vastly different information architecture – i.e., who knows what and when, from current cellular architectures. This places us squarely in an setting where Network State Information (NSI - traffic, channel quality, topology, statistics) is noisy, partially missing, delayed, and inconsistent across nodes. This project addresses the challenge of developing advanced information architectures through three inter-related thrusts: (i) advanced network-aware physical layers (ii) network protocols leveraging advanced PHYs, and operational designs and prototypes.

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