Neural Machine Learning II

COMP / ELEC / STAT 602, fall 2021

This web site may be updated with changes that could occur throughout the semester relative to the posted Syllabus and other posting, due to unforeseen / unplanned circumstances. In particular, change may occur if Rice University should revise implementation of Covid-19 measures. Any update will be posted in both the bottom of this page, as well as detail in Course Schedule and in Canvas, and will be announced in class.†

Instructor: Erzsébet Merényi
Class meets: TTH 4:00 - 5:15pm, KCK 107
(planned in-class, in-person)
Office/Phone: MXF 229, 713-348-3595 
email is preferred except for urgencies
Office hours: by appointment
Assistant: N/A
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Last Updated: November 9, 2021

Welcome to biologically inspired neural information processing!

Short course description: Advanced topics in Artificial Neural Network theories, with a focus on learning high-dimensional complex manifolds with neural maps (Self-Organizing Maps and variants, Learning Vector Quantization variants, both unsupervised and supervised paradigms). Application to data mining, clustering, classification, dimension reduction, sparse representation. Comparison with "gold standards" on data of various complexities. Examples through image and signal processing, bioinformatics, brain mapping from fMRI, environmental mapping from spectral imagery. The course will be a mix of lectures and seminar style discussions with active student participation, based on recent research publications. Strong coding skills in MATLAB, R, or C are assumed. Students may also have access to research software environment to do simulation experiments.  

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NON-Covid-19 updates

Sep 14, 2021: Class canceled by Rice. See, and watch for updates.

Sep 13, 2021: Due to expected effects of the tropical storm Nicholas, classes on Tue, Sep 14 will be conducted remotely. See you in Zoom, at the link sent separately (as a Canvas Announcement). As of now classes are expected to be back in the classroom (DCH 1070), on Thu, Sep 16.

Covid-19 update: As per Provostís announcement on Aug 19, 2021, remote instruction via Zoom will be in effect (at least) until Sep 3. The first class will be on Thu, Aug 26. Zoom link will be provided separately. Please check this page as well as the course home page in Canvas where I will post details in the coming days about changes Zoom instruction may necessitate. Also, keep checking these sites for further updates.