I completed my Ph.D. from Electrical and Computer engineering department at Rice University in April 2018 and was a member of the Scalable Health) lab. I worked with Dr. Ashu Sabharwal and Dr. Ashok Veeraraghavan and actively collaborated with Dr. James Suliburk at Baylor College of Medicine for evaluation and translation of new medical technologies into clinical practice.

Ph.D. research: As part of my Ph.D. research, I have developed a new camera-based non-invasive and clinically proven blood flow imaging modality, named PulseCam, that can reliably measure the flow of blood (microcirculation) underneath the skin surface from only the video recording of the skin surface. PulseCam has potential clinical applications in surgery, critical care and as a point-of-care device to diagnose peripheral arterial disease, and to monitor wounds and burns. PulseCam has already been evaluated to monitor microcirculation in patients undergoing surgery.

Research interests: My research interest is in developing health monitoring systems that can reliably and continuously measure people's health at the comfort of their homes and offices, e.g., by utilizing cameras, wearables, and implantables. I also have a keen interest in predictive machine learning and deep learning algorithms that can model the state of a person's health as it evolves so that we can provide actionable feedback to the individual and the caregiver to improve health outcomes.

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Email: mk28 at rice dot edu

Recent Publications

  • Mayank Kumar, James Suliburk, Ashok Veeraraghavan and Ashutosh Sabharwal, "PulseCam: High-resolution blood perfusion imaging using a camera and a pulse oximeter," Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC) (to be presented during 38th IEEE EMBC conference in Orlando, FL in August, 2016)
  • Peter Washington, Mayank Kumar, Anant Tibrewal, and Ashutosh Sabharwal, "ScaleMed: A Methodology for Iterative mHealth Clinical Trials", IEEE Healthcom 2015 - SSH 2015.
A complete list of recent publications can be found here .

Recent Posters and Demos

  • Mayank Kumar, Ashok Veeraraghavan, and Ashutosh Sabharwal, 'DistancePPG: Robust webcam-based vital signs monitoring', ICCP 2015.


PulseCam Jan, 2016 - Present
High-resolution blood perfusion imaging using a camera and a pulse oximeter Patent Pending
CameraVitals Aug, 2013 - Dec, 2014
A non-contact camera-based vital sign (pulse rate, breathing rate, pulse rate variability) monitor. Know more ...
ScaleMed Jan, 2015 - Dec, 2015
A Platform for at-Scale mHealth Research and Development

Latest News

April'18 Defended Ph.D.
March'18 Received the 2018 Best Ph.D. presenter award for PulseCam.
Apr'17 Received the 2017 Hershel M. Rich Invention Award.
Dec'16 CameraVitals used by IBM Research Aging-in-place Labs and integrated into their care-robot platform, see here and here.
Aug'16 Received National Science Foundation's Award for young professionals contributing to smart and connected health.
April'16 PulseCam paper accepted in EMBC'16
Oct'15 ScaleMed paper presented in IEEE HealthCom (2015, Boston) by Peter Washington
August'15 Gauss Surgical Inc evaluating CameraVitals for in-hospital applications
May'15 DistancePPG project featured in NASA Tech Briefs , Daily mail , medGadet , TI Company Blog , etc.
April'15 DistancePPG demo in ICCP-2015.
March'15 DistancePPG paper accepted in Biomedical Optics Express (link).
Jan'15 Talk on DistancePPG in IIT Chennai (India)
May'14 Defended Masters thesis
Mar'14 Received audiance choice award in Rice 90 second thesis competition.