Mona Sheikh
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Mona Sheikh I am currently an engineer at a startup in the SF bay area.

I recently spend a postdoc year at the Whitehead Institute in Cambridge, getting immersive genomics training. I worked on bioinformatics problems in big data with Yaniv Erlich.

I received my PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) at Rice University in December 2010. My advisor was Richard Baraniuk, and I was part of the Digital Signal Processing group. My PhD projects followed the general theme of compressed sensing, genomics and biological data mining.

I interned part-time in 2010 at DFJ Mercury, a venture capital firm in Houston, primarily doing diligence in the consumer genomics and life science sectors.

I also received a Master's degree in ECE at Rice in September 2006. My master's thesis used statistical signal processing methods to assess the limits of neural spike sorting, and my advisor was Don Johnson.

I received my Bachelor's degree in Engineering at Caltech, where I studied Electrical Engineering and graduated in June 2003 (honors).

I was born and raised in Bahrain, a tiny archipelago in the middle east, but am Indian.

For more about my research work and publications, please visit my research page. I occasionally tweet at monasheikh about my startup and research interests.

Please read about the Mini-course program I started, now under the auspices of RCEL (Rice Center for Engineering Leadership).