Rice University GSA Soccer Club
Contact Information:

If you are interested in joining our Club, please contact Jason Eckhardt (email: jle at rice.edu), Mike Fleetwood (email: fleet at rice.edu) (713 348 2140), or Ramesh Neelamani at 713 348 3230 (email: neelsh at rice.edu).


The purpose of the Rice GSA Soccer Club is to promote the game of soccer among graduate and undergraduate students as well as faculty and staff members of Rice University.  The Club organizes intramural teams and participates in Houston area soccer leagues.


The GSA Soccer Club's membership is open to both male and female members of the Rice University community.  Rice University Alumni and members of the community may be allowed to participate at the discretion of the GSA Soccer Club officers.  Alumni and outside community members are subject to the applicable fees set by the Athletic Department.

Current League Participation and Dues:

The Rice GSA Soccer Team participated in the Corporate Soccer Association of Houston's Division A league. There are three seasons in a year -- Spring, Summer and Fall league -- with each season consisting of approximately 10 games. Each player has to be registered with the league in order to participate. 

We are currently playing in the Fall league. The league games start in the first week of September with games on Tuesday nights. See directions to fields below


The GSA Soccer Club will provide equipment for practice and league participation depending on its current budget.  For 2002-2003, the Club's budget will handle the following:

Players/members are responsible for the following:

Miscelleneous Soccer Information:

For some casual pick-up soccer on campus, come to fields outside the Rice gymnasium on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6.00 pm (4.30 pm in the winter). There are pick-up games on Saturdays and Sundays evenings as well.

Directions to Fields for League Games: