IIT-Bombay: 360 View


This photograph was taken by Nirmal Senapati from  the top of a nearby hill.  You can see Powai lake on the left and Vihar lake on right. The cluster of buildings near the pipeline and near the intersection of the second and third photographs are the dorms, or hostels as we called them. The building in the lower right corner of the second photograph is Hostel 3, where I stayed. The open fields in the third photograph are used to play soccer, hockey and for track and field sports. The engineering departments are seen at the center of the second photograph; they are colored brownish red. The main building, which houses the various offices, is seen in the second photograph. It is the white building, more in the center of the photograph, above the first white building which is near the bottom of the second photograph. My home is located behind those hills you see in the background. It is a fifteen minute drive from IIT-Bombay.