Sridhar Rajagopal
Ph.D. May 2004
Dept. of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Rice University Houston TX 77005

Member of Technical Staff
WiQuest Communications Inc.

E-mail: sridhar [at]












Ph.d. Thesis: Data-parallel Digital Signal Processors: Algorithm Mapping, Architecture Scaling and Workload Adaptation


Sridhar Rajagopal was a Ph.D. student in the ECE Department at Rice University, graduating in May 2004. He is currently employed at  WiQuest Communications, Inc. and is responsible for designing, architecting and simulating portions of the WiQuest 802.15.3a-compliant physical layer.

My research relates to high-performance computing for embedded systems. My broad research interests are in VLSI signal processing, wireless communications, computer architecture and computer arithmetic, with emphasis on designing real-time architectures and algorithms for wireless communication systems. My advisor is Prof. Joseph R. Cavallaro (VLSI signal processing). I also interact with Prof. Behnaam Aazhang (wireless communications) and Prof. Scott Rixner (computer architecture).



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