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Reading Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning by C. M. Bishop


By W. Isaacson


euler: master of us all


Su Cilgin Turkler

Hackers: Heroes of the Computer Revolution

Galileo's Daughter

The Dream Machine

Tuxedo Park

The Devil in the White City

The Great Influenza


Influence: Science and Practice

Paris 1919: Six Months that Changed the World

The Da Vinci Code/Angels and Demons

H. Potter: The blood Prince/Order of Phoenix

Linked: the New Science of Networks

Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman!


By W. Dunham

By Levitt/Dubner

by T. Ozakman

by S. Levy

by D. Sobel

by M. M. Waldrop

by J. Conant

by E. Larson

by J. M Barry

by D. McCullough

by R. B. Cialdini

by M. MacMillan

by D. Brown

by J. R. Rowling

by A.-L. Barbarasi

by R. Feynman

by R. Feynman

I like auto-crossing. I bought a 325i in 2002. For my next (dream) car, I am trying to decide between Porsche Cayman S and BMW 6-series.


My BMW Cayman S BMW 6 Series

Update. 6- Series is also losing its appeal. It has a price tag $75+. What's more, you need to refuel it every 200-250miles! If you get an M6, you need to refuel it every 100-150miles!!! At the moment, I am leaning towards the new M3 or 335i

Update. According to the British TV show Top Gear, Cayman S is not as good as one would expect. In the show, they present a comparison of Cayman S with Boxter S and 911 in terms of price, engine size, and horsepower numbers. Most remarkably, Cayman S is the arithmetic average of a Boxter and a 911 in those numbers! They also note that Cayman S does not come with the slip differential, which would improve the handling and make it comparable to a 911. The conclusion: you do not want a car that is designed for purely marketing reasons. You would like to think that your car is designed to achieve the best potential in its form for your money. What can I say? I agree.


300: They went to a Californian gym and gathered all the body builders to tell the story of King Leonidas during the Battle of Thermopylae. The movie is all about visuals. There is very little conversation and most of those are one liners: "come and get them" or "we will fight in the shade." Read this before seeing the movie. You will see that some of the one liners are real!


24: The following happens between recess and geography class- Eric Cartman (South Park Season 11 Episode 4). I am in the middle of Season 1. It had such an explosive start. I am wondering if they can keep it up. Do not spoil it for me!


Night at the Museum: Ben Stiller acts his usual characters. The movie wastes a lot of its potential since it is not given a darker feel. The movie looks contrived as opposed to awe inspiring, nevertheless it is rather entertaining. 


One Piece: As addictive as a blackberry PDA. Incredible story line. They managed to get the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons game play into a story in such a way that makes you crave more. An order of magnitude better than any of the series that I have seen so far.


Man of the Year: It is a watered down Robin Williams stand-up show with some story wrapped around. The movie is nonetheless quite funny.


Thank You for Smoking: You win an argument by arguing correctly. It does not matter whether your argument is right or wrong. Great satire.


The Beerfest: A classic in its own league in my opinion. It has Old School's style (a mandatory watch). You will either love it, or find it incredibly stupid.


The Descent: The movie's approach for scaring is based on the Alien series: dark narrow tunnels with lurking creatures and this movie scares very well. The story is lacking.


The Devil Wears Prada: Fun movie. If you want to see beautiful people dressed in Paris style, this movie is recommended.


Cowboy Bebop: Extremely well designed universe. Catchy story, excellent characters. The director has an eye for details. I think that Cowboy Bebop inspired the Firefly series that aired in Fox. See you space cowboy...


Samurai Champloo: The samurai mix. It it the story of Jin (representing prudence), Mugen (representing raw power), and Fu (representing neutrality). The director is the same as Cowboy Bebop: Shinichiro Watanabe. The soundtrack is notable. 


My Super Ex-Girl Friend: Good premise, bad movie.


Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Davy Jones is a great addition to the character list. The second movie nicely expands the PC universe. We get to meet the big boss of the sea (Davy Jones) and the new boss of the governor (Lord Cuttler Beckett). The third movie has a lot of leverage, Savvy?


Superman: Cheesy but good. The effects are phenomenal. I think that Kevin Spacey did not do a good job with the Lex Luthor character.


Cars: I was very excited to see this movie. It met my expectations (funny -I had expectations because it is a Pixar movie) and turned out to be very entertaining. I am surprised to say it but Cars is actually a nice date movie.


Ghost in the Shell 2nd Gig.: Slow beginning but strong ending. I found out that this show was pay-per-view in Japan. So, they made it worthwhile for ppv. I got the series DVDs from Netflix.


Ergo Proxy: Weird story. Amazing artwork. Somehow manages to keep you interested. 


Naruto: A big universe of characters. Ignore episodes 150-200 (fillers). Naruto series manage to unveil something new almost every episode to keep you entertained and wanting it more. Chunnin exam episodes are by far the best.