I am a (recently) former graduate student in the ECE department at Rice University. I have recently completed my dissertation and was awarded my Ph.D. in January 2008. I received my BSEE(C) from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, and I earned my MSEE here at Rice. I am a member of the Computer Architecture research group at Rice. My recent collaborators include Dr. Scott Rixner, Dr. Alan L. Cox (Rice University), Aravind Menon (EPFL), and Jeffrey Shafer (Rice University). Past collaborators include Dr. Vijay Pai (Purdue University), Mike Brogioli (Rice University), and Hyong-youb Kim (Rice University).

My current research focuses on virtual machine and operating system support for high-performance server I/O. My past research has focused on programmable network interface design, parallel firmware development, and simulation of programmable embedded systems, including network interfaces. You can find out more about these projects and view a list of my publications by navigating around my website using the menu above.