Contact Information:

Email:         ysun (at) rice (dot) edu
Address:    Rice University, ECE Department
                    6100 Main St., MS 366
                    Houston, TX 77005 

Basic Information:

I am a PhD student in the ECE department at Rice University. I currently work under the guidance of Dr. Joseph R. Cavallaro as a member of VLSI Signal Processing group as well as a member of Center for Multimedia Communication (CMC) group.

I am currently studying aspects of the physica layer baseband processing real-time hardware implementation for the next generation wireless communications (3G/4G). I am currently focusing on parallel algorithms and VLSI architectures for low-density parity-check (LDPC) codes decoders, Turbo codes decoders, and MIMO demodulators. I am experienced in ASIC/FPGA designs.

Research & Projects:

  • MIMO-OFDM PHY (physical) layer design and implementation.
  • MIMO detector architecture design for next generation wireless systems.
  • Low-density parity-check (LDPC) decoder design for 4G wireless systems.
  • Turbo decoder design for 3GPP LTE and WiMAX systems.
  • WARP development: Wireless Open-Access Research Platform
  • High level C-to-RTL synthesis for DSP algorithms.
  • Viterbi decoder design.

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