Slides of review talk " The Challenges in Spectral Image Analysis: an Introduction, and Review of ANN Approaches", introducing a special session on "Spectral Image analyses with ANNs", organized by E. Merényi, at ESANN'99, European Symposium on Artificial Neural Networks, Bruges, Belgium, April 21-23, 1999.  See Paper for text and references. 

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Concept of (hyper)spectral imaging.  From Campbell, 1996.


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The difference between traditional broad band and hyperspectral imaging: bandpasses of Landsat TM (at bottom), and AVIRIS (top).


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Hyperspectral (AVIRIS) image of Mammoth Mountans, California. 1024 x 512 pixles, 224 bands, approximately 300 Mbytes od data. 


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Another illustration of the difference between broad band multi-spectral and hyperspectral resolution of the spectral signatures of surface materials. From Clark, 1999.



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Methematical model for spectral data.



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Example of the advantage of Self-Oragnizing Artificial Neural Net for clustering a spectral image. For more explanation of this slide  see AISRP'99  Workshop presentation.



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