Grading Policies for COMP / ELEC / STAT 502

Grades will be made up of the following components, with approximate weights as shown:

7.5% - Quiz 1
25% - Exam 1 (midterm))
7.5% - Quiz 2
25% - Homework
25% - Course Project
10% - Attendance, class participation (5%) and points earned in bonus challenges (5%)

This break down is subject to change depending on resources that will be available to the instructor for grading. Parts of points 1. - 4. below may change accordingly.

As of January 8, 2019, the grading / TA support available for this class is insufficient for full grading of individual homeworks. Therefore, the following innovation has been introduced: Students do homeworks in groups. The groups, formed by self-organization, will be permanent throughout the semester. Students in a group work together, agree on, and produce a homework solution, then submit copies of the exact same homework solution to Canvas, each under their own name (or we do group assignments if we figure out how that works in Canvas). Each student in a group will receive the same grade points for the particular homework unless they state contributions in a proportion different from equal percentage. In each homework, they will state the names of the group members, and the percentages of their contributions if unequal. Pizza Points you earn by various bonus challenges in home works or tests will be used to boost your final grade, by a TBA scheme.

The homework grouping does not affect quizzes and exams, which will be done individually and will be graded individually. Class projects, however (see below), will be done in groups. At project time students will be allowed to form different groups from the home work groups if they want to.

1. Tests
There will be three tests. Quiz 1 and Quiz 2 (approx. 40 - 45 min, in class, closed notes/books/phones/computers), and a midterm exam. The exact dates of these will be posted in the Course Schedule in a timely manner, as well as announced in class. The anticipated dates are early - mid February (Quiz 1), early - mid March (Midterm), and late March or early April (Quiz 2). The Exam will be take-home, open book and open notes but using restricted time, and other resources (such as internet) will be restricted, and you will be required to give the honor pledge. The exact requirements and details will be given with the exams. Test solutions from previous years are strictly off-limit.

2. Homework
There will be approximately four or five homeworks in the first half of the semester. There will be only one or two homeworks in the second half of the semester, in order to allow time for the Course Project. The assignments themselves will be posted in Canvas. Homeworks will be due, by default, before the beginning of class on the due date as specified in Canvas. Due dates will also be shown in the Course Schedule in a timely manner. Solutions from previous years are off-limit. You are required to upload an electronic copy (a pdf file) to Canvas. You are not required to type everything but if you have parts produced non-electronically you need to scan your hard copy into a pdf file on a high-quality scanner. If you have problems with electronic upload you can bring a hard copy to class or drop it in the designated wall pocket next to my office door before the deadline, and also notify me of this fact before the deadline. You will be asked to upload the e-copy once the upload problems are fixed. A summary of required formats, file names, and other requirements are posted here in a single file for your convenience. I will refer to this file as “Logistic Details”. Please be sure to thoroughly read and follow. You may save the file for your handy reference; or you can always access it at .

2.1 Late Homework policy Homework will be due on the due date and time posted with the Assignment in Canvas. If the deadline indicated in the Course Schedule should be different, then the deadline posted in Canvas applies. After the due date, but before solutions are handed out, homework can be turned in for 50% credit. After solutions are handed out, 0% credit will be issued.

3. Course Project
A Project will be done over an approximately four-week period in the second half of the semester. Students will form groups by self-organization :-). The project groups can be the same or different from the home work groups. Each group will submit a project proposal on approximately March 5 (exact date TBD, will be announced in class and will be posted in the Course Schedule). It is anticipated that by that time the major ANN paradigms will have been discussed in class and students will be able to select a project topic, either from a list provided by me, or devise their own. I will review and approve each proposal (or discuss necessary modifications) before students start executing plans. Details, requirements and the characteristics of a successful Project are described here.

4. Class Participation You will be expected to keep up with the material we review in class and answer questions in class. Asking relevant questions or participating in discussions can also earn you scores.

5. Missed assignments If you must miss (or be late with) a homework or a test due to an extraordinary circumstance please notify me and the TA(s) as much ahead of time as possible, and make arrangements with me for completing the missed assignment. If, in extreme emergency, you are unable to provide advance notice, please let me know as soon as possible afterwards, and I will work with you on a solution accordingly.