Regression and Linear Models

STAT 615, Fall 2021

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Class meets: TR 9:25 - 10:40am MXF 251 (in-class, in-person)

Instructor: Erzsébet Merényi
Office/Phone: MXF 229, 713-348-3595  (email preferred)
Office hour: by appointment

Optional review session, weekly, W 5-7 pm MXF 251  
Preferred advising by TAs / graders:
in the optional review sessions, from Sep 1  

Teaching Assistant(s):
Grace Nie  
Chunshan Liu  
Zejian Liu  
Additional advising by TA: by appointment

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Last Updated: November 22, 2021

This course is a survey of regression, linear models, and experimental design. Topics include simple and multiple linear regression, single- and multi-factor studies, analysis of variance, analysis of covariance, model selection, diagnostics. Data analysis using the R statistical software is emphasized. STAT 615 is the graduate level version of STAT 410. 

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  • Covid-19 updates

    Sep 19, 2021: As per announcement by the provost and registrar, we have been moved back to MXF 251 starting Sep 20. See you there on Tuesday, Sep 21. Please plan to occupy the seat that you indicated on the seating chart we made for MXF 251.

    NON-Covid-19 updates

    Sep 14, 2021: Class canceled by Rice. See, and watch for updates.

    Sep 13, 2021: Due to expected effects of the tropical storm Nicholas, classes on Tue, Sep 14 will be conducted remotely. See you in Zoom, at the link sent separately (as a Canvas Announcement). As of now classes are expected to be back in the classroom (DCH 1070), on Thu, Sep 16.

    Covid-19 updates

    Sep 10, 2021: Our class has been moved to DCH 1070, where we have more space to spread out :-) See you there from Tue, Sep 14.

    Sep 6, 2021: Starting on Tue, Sep 7, we are going back to the classroom for in-person teaching for as long as Covid-19 circumstances are deemed safe. See you in MXF 251.

    Aug 20. 2021: As per Provostís announcement on Aug 19, 2021, remote instruction via Zoom will be in effect (at least) until Sep 3, including the optional review session on Sep 1. The first class will be on Thu, Aug 26. Zoom link will be provided separately. Please check this page as well as the course home page in Canvas where I will post details in the coming days about changes Zoom instruction may necessitate. Also, keep checking these sites for further updates.