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ENGI 501
Lovett Hall  

ENGI 501: Teaching Engineering and Science

     Instructor: James F. Young


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"College teaching may be the only skilled profession for which no preparation or training is provided or required." —Richard M. Felder.

This graduate seminar, aimed at engineering and science graduate students who are considering a career in academia, focuses on the issues, principles, and practices associated with effective teaching. The principles and skills presented are particularly applicable to teaching quantitative subjects, but are valuable for any teaching situation.

Studies show that young faculty with training in teaching spend less time preparing and presenting classes, leaving more time for research, and thus do better at both tasks. Weekly seminars explore the issues, principles, and practices associated with the effective teaching of quantitative subjects. Each class will consist of presentations and discussions related to assigned readings and/or written exercises. As a final course project, student teams will develop a course module, a plan for teaching a particular topic covering 3-4 weeks, for an existing or future course, and will give one mini-lecture to the class. During the course students will draft a teaching portfolio to document their activities. Class participation and sharing your perspectives, questions, and ideas is critical so that we can all learn from each other.

This course will be given only if enough students indicate interest to form a meaningful discussion group, about 10 initially. Registration requires my signature, so please send me an email to indicate interest and I will put you on the mailing list for further information.

Note: Postdocs and faculty are welcome to audit the course, or just join us for the sessions that interest them (see the schedule). In the latter case, please read the relevant assignment, and prepare some comments as appropriate, since this is an interactive class and we would like to benefit from your experience and views. And please warn me you are coming.

Spring 2012; 3 Semester hours

Class Meetings: Once a week; day, time, and place TBD

For additional information see the Syllabus, and the Course Schedule. For questions, contact the instructor.

Any student with a disability requiring accommodations in this course should contact Disabled Student Services in the Ley Student Center. In addition, he or she is encouraged to contact me during the first week of class to discuss the situation.