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Information for Students

Martel College Advisees

I am happy to meet with you anytime to discuss your hopes, plans, and fears. Or even mine. You can often find me in the commons at lunch, or please email me to set up a meeting. Just before registration I set up specific appointment times on a Wiki page.


I do need some basis to write a recommendation, so if it's a struggle to explain how we are connected, you should probably ask someone else. The more I know about you, the more valid and useful my recommendation will be. Please provide me with some information on the program you are applying to and why, plus a short CV, and an unofficial transcript. The earlier you can make your request, the better the result is likely to be; try to allow two weeks before the deadline.

Potential Grad Students

Visit the ECE department Web site for information on applying to our graduate programs; you cannot apply to a particular research group; you do not need the support of a particular professor. I am not on the ECE Graduate Committee and I will ignore any request to evaluate your chances of admission. As stated on my Home page, I am not currently active in the area of photonics and I am not seeking or accepting graduate students in that area. However, if you are interested in engineering education and teaching, I would enjoy talking to you and exploring possible collaborations. If you have general questions about Rice, the ECE department, its programs, or my courses, I will be happy to tell you what I can.