Advanced Data Analyses with Artificial Neural Nets
Exploitation of Large and Complex Data Sets Through Self-Organized (Hebbian) Learning of Manifolds

2004-2009 A Neural Map View of Planetary Spectral Images for Precision Data Mining and Rapid Resource Identification of Planetary Resources (PI)

2000-2004 "Precision Mining" of Large Spectral Data Volumes for Rapid Identification of Planetary Resources (PI)

1997-2000 Rapid Identification of Planetary Resources from Spacecraft (PI)

 Projects funded by the Applied Information Systems Research Program  (AISRP)   of OSSA (before 2004) and of Science Mission Directorate (after 2004),  NASA.

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        Principal Investigator:  Erzsébet Merényi, Rice University, 2000 -, U Arizona, LPL, 1997-2000
        Co-Investigators: (2000-2004) Robert H. Brown (PI for Cassini VIMS), Peter H. Smith, U Arizona, LPL, William H. Farrand, Space Sci. Inst., Boulder, CO. (1997-2000) Alfred S. McEwen (PI for Clementine Systematic Data Processing), Peter H. Smith (PI for the Mars Pathfinder IMP Camera), both at UA LPL.
        Collaborators: (2000-2004) Prof. Colin Fyfe, Paisley University, Scotland, Dr. Thomas Villmann, University of Leipzig, Clinic for Phsychotherapy, Alfred S. McEwen, U of Arizona, LPL. (1997-2000) Galen Gisler, LANL, Deployable Adaptive Processing Systems
        Software development support: Philip Tracadas, 2003 - Scott Williams, 2000 - 2002, James Winburn, 1998 - 99; Dixon Liang, 1997 - 98;
        Students: Ms. Abha Jain, MS student, Rice U, fall 2002 -
Mr. Kadim Tasdemir, PhD student, Rice U, fall 2003 -
Captain Michael Mendenhall, PhD student, Rice U, spring 2004 -

Past students in various short term capacities:
Jason White (summer 2002), Hou-Ying Liou (summer 2001), Nirav Bhagat(summer 2001), Research Undergraduate Research Interns, Rice U;
Support for Rice U student interns:
Rice U Brown School of Engineering Undergraduate Research Internship Program
M. D. Anderson Cancer Center

Kapil Chhibber, NASA Space Grant intern, U Arizona, 1999/2000; Andrew Iles, NASA Space Grant intern, U Arizona, 1998/99
Gordon Lyon B.Sc. student, Thomas Lofgren, PhD student, Sanjeev Sayeereman, Sridhar Devarapalli, Praveen Chakravarthula, Prasad Boddupalli, M.Sc. students, U Arizona, CS Dept., 1997-1999.

Planetary Surface Composition from Spectral (Image) Data.

       Mars, Earth, Asteroids, Moon

Classification of fused disparate data

Integrated Data Analysis of Valles Caldera, New Mexico. Project funded by and in collaboration with the Pan American Center for Earth and Environmental Studies (PACES), University of Texas at El Paso.

Soil and Vegetation Mapping in Temperate Climate Environment, from Fused Landsat TM and Geophysical Data. Project in collaboration with the Lorand Eotvos Geophysical Institute, Hungary.       

Of  Artificial Neural Nets (ANNs):     

        Software: list of free and commercial packages

I use ANN simulators from Neuralware, Inc.

Schematics of an ANN with a 2-D Self -Organizing hidden layer. The boxes with various graphs are instruments set up to monitor the network behavior . Screen graphics from NeuralWorks Professional II/Plus ANN simulator, by NeuralWare, Inc.