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Edward Knightly standing in front of a door

Knightly awarded U.S. Army grant to counter 6G, Wi-Fi risks Thursday, Sep. 21, 2023

The $1.8 million research award to help Rice engineer develop security against 'metasurface-in-the middle' attacks.

Shengxi Huang

Shengxi Huang Awarded Welch Foundation Grant Monday, Aug. 14, 2023

To further her research in “Unveiling the charge interaction between molecules and topological surface states.”

Oscillation Strength

Harnessing Resonant Energy Transfer and Storage in Coupled Flow-Driven Heat Oscillators Tuesday, Aug. 1, 2023

Research by Professor Alessandro Alabastri and his team has led to significant breakthroughs in energy processes and thermal management.

ECE Students Awardees

Six ECE Students Receive Engineering Scholarships and Awards this Academic Year Tuesday, Jun. 13, 2023

Celebrating Accomplishment in Engineering Scholarships and Awards for ECE Students

Ashutosh Sabharwal, Nicolas Barati, Ananthram Swami

Rice University ECE and Army Research Lab scientists win IEEE ICC Best Paper Award Tuesday, Jun. 13, 2023

Rice-ARL researchers identify new AI-based threat to encrypted wireless network communications