ECE Student, Yingying Fan, receives prestigious scholarship

Yingying Fan receives multiple awards, including the Cadence Women in Technology Scholarship

Yingying Fan receiving award

Yingying Fan, a third-year Ph.D. student engaging in research in Assistant Professor Taiyun Chi’s lab, has added the 2021 Cadence Women in Technology Scholarship to her growing list of honors. The program supports and recognizes women who are judged future leaders in technology.

Fan is also one of two students worldwide to win the 2021 IEEE MTT-S Graduate Fellowship Award for Medical Applications. In 2015 she was awarded the China National Scholarship, the most prestigious gift awarded by the Ministry of Education. She received the 2016 Analog Device Innovative Scholarship and the 2017 Outstanding Undergraduate Thesis Award while at Southeast University. She was the second-place winner of the IEEE PELS ECCE Best Student Project Demonstration on Emerging Technology. Fan is one of three students at Rice awarded the 2019 Loewenstern Fellowship.

“One of my childhood dreams was to become a doctor and help patients, but I did not feel brave enough to do surgeries. So, I decided to become an electrical engineer and make medical devices that can help patients,” she said.

“Yingying's research focuses on the design of RF/analog integrated circuits for emerging biomedical applications. This is a highly challenging but rewarding topic that requires expertise in multiple domains. Her strong passion and impressive achievements in her early career stage let her clearly stand out among her peers. I view her as a promising young researcher with exceptional potential in academia,” said Chi.

Chi leads the Rice Integrated Systems and Electromagnetics (RISE) Lab, which focuses on integrated circuits and systems design for high-speed wireless communication, sensing, imaging and health care.